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UNDRAFTED Review from Pop Wrapped

UNDRAFTED Review from Pop Wrapped
In what appears to be the grown-up version of THE BAD NEWS BEARS, the newest baseball comedy UNDRAFTED unites actors from some of our favorite fan-doms ("Teen Wolf", "Gossip Girl" and more) onto one misfit underdog team.

The twelve rag-tag teammates set out to play what should be a meaningless summer intramural baseball game, but it ends up becoming the most important game of their lives. This collection of characters – the reliever turned starting pitcher (Tyler Hoechlin), a hot dog power hitter (Chace Crawford), an outfielder with anger management issues (Joe Mazzello), a player coach with clipboard envy (Duke Davis Roberts), an over-eager catcher (Ryan Pinkston), the old guy who shouldn’t be playing anymore (Philip Winchester), and the guy everyone forgot was on the team (Matt Bush) – truly gives new meaning to the phrase “amateur status”.

As they struggle to transition away from baseball and towards an uncertain future, the best player among them (Aaron Tveit) – who they all felt should have gotten drafted – has to deal with the news that his big league dreams were dashed, leaving him grappling with why he should still play. One game can be just another box score, but when it’s played by a team galvanized around the love of the game, and for the pride they have in each other, it can define a lifetime.

For all of us who grew up on kids’ misfit sports movies like THE MIGHTY DUCKS and THE BIG GREEN, UNDRAFTED looks to fill the void of needed sports comedies for the “'90s kid” audience.