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Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

“We commend the WCFF for your courage to remain the one authentic platform where film makers and organizations dedicated to the conservation of the planet’s natural history and bio-diversity can still showcase their work and create awareness of conservation issues without having to apologize for having a ‘message’. Thank you to the WCFF for encouraging us to continue exploring the grand mysteries of nature, and for inspiring people to love and protect the majesty and diversity, which we all rely on for our own survival.”

Tarina & Jurgen Jozefowicz

Tarina Films



“Wildlife conservation is too important to be tucked away in niche gatherings. The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York brings the best documentaries to the public and what better place than on Broadway. The WCFF provides a platform for informed discussion among scientists, film-makers and a lively audience. An event not to be missed by both wildlife filmmakers and the public!”

Ambassador Ian Redmond

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Gloucester, United Kingdom


“It was an incredible moment for me to be among some of the finest filmmakers and 'nature loving' individuals! Christopher and his team at WCFF have mastered the art of putting together an array of documentaries that provide a strong and melodious voice to the denizens of our ecosystem. The many Q&A sessions, meaningful and thoughtful conversation that one gets to experience during the film festival adds to the vibrant atmosphere. Personally, winning an award for one of my first productions, ‘Wrestlers of Western ghats’ was very satisfying. WCFF is a rare gem, crown jewel among the many film festivals in the world!”

Srikanth Kashyaps

Wildlife Documentary Film Producer & Photographer

Bangalore, India