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A production by Paragon Media and The Cornerstone Campaign - 108 min
  • DIRECTOR: Stephanie Welch (Director/Producer), Mary R. Morgan and Andrew Kimbrell (Executive Producers)
  • STARRING: Garland Allen, Ignacio Chapela, Barry Commoner, Troy Duster, Fidelma Fitzpatrick, Agustín Fuentes, Ruth Hubbard, Oliver James, Van Jones, Jay Joseph, Evelyn Fox Keller, Andrew Kimbrell, James LeFanu, Joseph J. Levin, Richard Lewontin, Robert Pollack, Robert Reich, William H. Tucker


A dangerous idea has threatened the American Dream from the beginning – the belief that some groups and individuals are inherently superior to others and more deserving of fundamental rights. Such biological determinism provided an excuse for some of America’s most shameful history. And now it’s back.

The documentary A DANGEROUS IDEA reveals how biologically determined politics has disenfranchised women and people of color, provided a rationale for state sanctioned crimes committed against America’s most vulnerable citizens, and now gains new traction under the Trump administration.

Featuring interviews with social thinkers such as Van Jones and Robert Reich, as well as prominent scientists, A DANGEROUS IDEA is a radical reassessment of the meaning, use and misuse of gene science. Like no other film before it, this documentary brings to light how false scientific claims have rolled back long fought for gains in equality, and how powerful interests are poised once again to use the gene myth to unravel the American Dream.




"In this time of false facts and backlash against a new equality, A DANGEROUS IDEA should be required viewing." ~ Gloria Steinem, author and activist

"An effective dissection of the genetic determinist worldview, rising again in new garb and aided by the Trump Administration. This documentary provides a timely rebuttal to those who continue to embrace this dogma, and offers a critique that both Liberals and Conservatives can readily converge behind." ~ Ralph Nader, political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney

"A Dangerous Idea is not only rich historic storytelling but an important reminder about the connection between science and equality; a subject that couldn't be more relevant. This film should be shown in schools as it is ripe for intense discussion and needs to be seen by as wide an audience as possible." ~ Aaron Leventman, Director of Programming, Santa Fe Film Festival



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