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most guys are losers poster

Most Guys are Losers

(NR) Gravitas Ventures - 91 mins
  • DIRECTOR: Eric Ustian
  • STARRING: Andy Buckley, Mira Sorvino, Michael Provost
Over Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago, a college kid from California seeks approval from his girlfriend's dad, a bar owner and author of a dating book titled, "Most Guys are Losers."

Freedom on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

Double Exposure - 114 mins
  • DIRECTOR: Evgeny Afineevsky
  • STARRING: Dmytro 'Orest' Kozatskyi, Evgeniy Maloletka, Nataliia Nagorna
Crafted from stark footage and exclusive interviews with people displaced by the enduring conflict, FREEDOM ON FIRE: UKRAINE’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM reveals how the spirit of unity strengthens morale even amid the country’s darkest hours. When Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, its citizens instinctively renewed the survival strategies that sustained them eight years prior during the Maidan Uprising. This companion piece to director Evgeny Afineevsky’s Academy Awardnominated documentary Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom explores why a jubilant day on Kyiv’s Maidan square instigated warfare that has lasted the better part of a decade. Broadening his focus from a single city, Afineevsky and his veteran Winter on Fire crew turn their lenses on multiple countries, trailing both the Ukrainians trying to escape and those who have vowed to stay behind. A sweeping look at a humanitarian crisis, the documentary amplifies the views of children, mothers, soldiers, doctors, artists, volunteers, clergymen, and journalists who are transformed while witnessing ceaseless destruction and bloodshed. Featuring narration from Oscar-winning Dame Helen Mirren, FREEDOM ON FIRE is a saga of resilience that challenges the international community to oppose tyranny together.

Ludi (African Diaspora FF)

81 mins
  • DIRECTOR: Edson Jean
  • STARRING: Shein Mompremier, Madelin Marchant, Patrice DeGraff-Arenas
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! Showings Fri, Nov 25th, 5:30 PM @ Cinema Village Sun, Dec 4th, 9:00 PM @ Cinema Village After a half truth lands her under immense financial pressure, Ludi Alcidor embarks on a frantic scour through Miami's private care-taking world in an increasingly desperate attempt to send money to her family in Haiti.

Battle for Saipan

(R) Saban Films - 94 mins
  • DIRECTOR: Brandon Slagle
  • STARRING: Casper Van Dien, Jeff Fahey, Louis Mandylor
A Surgeon defends a hospital from invading enemy forces in the Battle of Saipan during World War II.

Tug of War (African Diaspora FF)

92 mins
Last day
  • DIRECTOR: Amil Shivji
  • STARRING: Gudrun Columbus Mwanyika, Lukman Ali, Siti Amina
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! Q&A After Showing! A rebellious young revolutionary becomes involved with a young Indian-Zanzibari girl escaping an oppressive arranged marriage

Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power (African Diaspora FF)

90 mins
Last day
  • DIRECTOR: Sam Pollard & Geeta Gandbhir
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! The passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 represented not the culmination of the Civil Rights Movement, but the beginning of a new, crucial chapter. Nowhere was this next battle better epitomized than in Lowndes County, Alabama, a rural, impoverished town with a vicious history of racist terrorism. In a town that was eighty percent Black but had zero Black voters, laws were just paper without power. This isn’t a story of hope but of action. Through first person accounts and searing archival footage, Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power tells the story of the local movement and young Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) organizers who fought not just for voting rights, but for Black Power in Lowndes County

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth (African Diaspora FF)

84 mins
Last day
  • DIRECTOR: Pratibha Parmar
  • STARRING: Robert L. Allen, Tony Brown(archive footage), Angela Davis
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth tells the compelling story of an extraordinary woman. Alice Walker made history as the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her groundbreaking novel, The Color Purple. Her early life unfolded in the midst of violent racism and poverty during some of the most turbulent years of profound social and political changes in North American history during the Civil Rights Movement. Mixing powerful archival footage with moving testimonials from friends and colleagues such as Howard Zinn, Angela Y. Davis, Gloria Steinem, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg and Danny Glover, Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth offers audiences a penetrating look at the life and art of an artist, intellectual, self-confessed renegade and human rights activist.
Yaga 3

Yafa, Forgiveness (African Diaspora FF)

85 mins
  • DIRECTOR: Chrisitan Lara
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! Showings Sat, Nov 26th, 3:50 PM @ Cinema Village   Wed, Nov 30th, 9:00 PM @ Cinema Village Demba is an African who has fled an oppressive regime in his own country and is seeking asylum in Paris. One night he encounters Lucien, a policeman from the Caribbean, who speaks to him in the voice of the dominant class. But in his country Demba is a professor of History and Geography while Lucien left school early to help his mother, a cleaning lady. “YAFA Le Pardon” explores the social and economic dynamics at work in their relationship as they seek to understand each other, aided by Welcome, a Baule Komian who does not hesitate to officiate as the parties meet on the Quai de l’Oise, in the centre of Paris.
DANCE 1234

I Don't Wanna Dance (African Diaspora FF)

90 mins
Last day
  • DIRECTOR: Flynn Von Kleist
  • STARRING: Yfendo van Praag, Romana Vrede, Eliyah de Randamie
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! An aspiring teenage dancer finds himself torn between his increasingly destructive mother and his own happiness
no simple way home CINEMA VILLAGE 1

No Simple Way Home (African Diaspora FF)

85 mins
Last day
  • DIRECTOR: Akuol de Mabior
  • STARRING: Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior
Click HERE to BUY TICKETS! Showings Sat, Nov 26th, 12:10 PM @ Cinema Village Thu, Dec 8th, 7:00 PM @ Cinema Village As peace in South Sudan hangs in the balance, a mother and her two daughters return home from exile. The mother's mission is to safeguard her late husband's vision while her daughters struggle with what it means to call South Sudan home.