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Cinema Village

Beyond the Raging Sea

(NR) Cinema Libre Studio - 70 min
  • DIRECTOR: Marco Orsini
  • STARRING: Omar Samra, Omar Nour

SHOWTIMES 04/26/2024 (change date):


Q&A Friday April 26 - 5:30pm show with director and cast.


Q&A Saturday April 27 - 9:00pm show with director and cast.


Q&A Sunday April 28 - 6:30pm show with director and cast.


Two Egyptian extreme athletes, Omar Samra and Omar Nour, enter the world's toughest rowing race: the Atlantic Challenge, an unsupported 3,000 mile open-ocean race from the Canary Islands to Antigua, despite neither having experience on open water. The athletes trained for an entire year before embarking on the voyage in a high-tech unsinkable rowboat, which they dedicate to the plight of refuges worldwide for whom unimaginable peril, exposure and even death at sea comes to tens of thousands annually. What they couldn't prepare for is what actually happened.



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