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Cinema Village

Short Film Program: Critical Soundscapes (16TH ANNUAL SCIENCE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL)

70 min


Three experiences of sound in film in troubled times: the crackle of threatened hemlocks, disaster as finely orchestrated dance in labs and greenhouses, and the rich but worrisomely diminishing sonic ecologies of birds. Inverting and extending the sonic (and silent) themes of opening night's The Tuba Thieves, here sound mediates climate, self, and unseen worlds.

“And when I die let me be buried in a Hemlock coffin, so I’ll go through hell snapping.” (Sarah Ema Friedland, 2023, United States, 8 min)

HUBRIS (Jules de Niverville, 2023, Canada, 30 min)

The Last of the Nightingales (Masha Karpoukhina, 2022, United States, 32 min)



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