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Cinema Village


(R) Buffalo 8 - 95 min
  • DIRECTOR: Chris Leary
  • STARRING: Chris Leary, Sharayu Mahale, Vishal Patel

SHOWTIMES 06/01/2024 (change date):


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Q&A on Saturday June 1st with Director Chris Leary, Producer Hunter Truman and Lead Actor Sharayu Mahale.

Q&A on Sunday June 2nd with Director Chris Leary and Producer Hunter Truman .


Harkening back to the apartment movies of the 1970s, "Footnotes" is the story of neighbors and near total strangers, Will and Apurna. When they begin spending lock-down together in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, what starts as a platonic convenience quickly develops into something much, much more. But when a solo trip home to her small New England town puts a strain on their newfound connection, Will and Apurna are forced to reckon with what they mean to each other. Are they friends? Lovers? Or just another forgotten footnote?


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