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Cinema Village

I Don't Know Who You Are

(NR) Dark Star Pictures - 103 min
  • DIRECTOR: M.H. Murray
  • STARRING: Mark Clennon, Anthony Diaz, Nat Patricia Manuel, Deragh Campbell, Victoria Long

SHOWTIMES 05/25/2024 (change date):


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Q&A with director M.H. Murray after the Friday (5/24) and Saturday (5/25) 6:15pm shows. 


"I Don't Know Who You Are" follows Benjamin, a gay immigrant working class musician, over the course of one weekend as he struggles to obtain access to expensive preventative HIV medication after being sexually assaulted by a stranger. As a fledgling freelance worker without health insurance, the drugs that Benjamin needs to avoid HIV infection after his assault are not easily accessible. He is pushed to his limit while trying to scrape together the funds for his treatment before time runs out.


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