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Cinema Village


(NR) Double Exposure Distribution - 14 min
  • DIRECTOR: Deborah Riley Draper
  • STARRING: Jasmine Guy, Lucca Rodriguez-Pedraza

SHOWTIMES 08/07/2020 (change date):

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Q&A with Director Deborah Riley Draper on Friday (9/20) after 8:45pm show.


Q&A with Executive Producers Cheryl Polote-Williamson, Russell Williamson, Dretona Maddox, Laurie Evans and Toni Ellis on Saturday (9/21) after the 12:30pm show.


Rose, a disengaged, stuck-in-a-rut nurse, makes her daily stop at the convenience store after work and accidentally kidnaps Sylvie, a 9-year old runaway from the nearby ICE Detention Center. The two women take risks and change each other’s lives and perspectives in just a few short hours on the Fourth of July.



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