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Cinema Village


CINEMAflix - 165 min
  • DIRECTOR: Ventura Pons
  • STARRING: Marta Angelat, Eulàlia Ballart, Claire Bloom

SHOWTIMES 11/22/2018 (change date):

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Miss Dalí tells the story of Anna Maria, the younger sister of Salvador Dalí, and muse, model and protagonist to this most exciting and outrageous painter of the 20th Century.

Over their crazy Mediterranean summers together in Cadaqués with García Lorca, Buñuel, Éluard, Amanda Lear, and Gala, they created not just a surreal world, but ultimately the tragedy leading up to the day the siblings fell out - never to be reconciled for the rest of their lives.

Years later, the arrival of Maggie, Anna Maria's best friend from university days in Cambridge, triggers bit by bit, the seeds to this fallout, as the two women ultimately face up to the feelings they had for each other.



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