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Cinema Village


Breaking Glass Pictures - 82 min
  • DIRECTOR: Daniel Peddle
  • STARRING: Mitchell Slaggert, Christine Marzano, Billy Ray Suggs, Dorian Cobb

SHOWTIMES 10/03/2023 (change date):

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Moss has got the blues. Mom died having him and today is his 18th birthday. Nothing to celebrate. Same ole shit. Dad trying to forget... They’ll disappear into the woods for solace. But by the river, Moss meets a woman passing through who heals the day. At last he learns to forgive himself. A sensitive portrait of rural North Carolina, Moss reveals the struggles and beauty of lives deeply connected to nature.



"Moss is a quiet drama that resounds with hefty questions. With its sensory immersion in nature and its yearning characters, the gorgeously shot film is a memorable study of solitude and connection." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Peddle shines a light on what it’s like to be an outsider in small town America. The intimate character study is an atmospheric antidote to the superficial way in which Hollywood often portray youth." - Vogue

"Moss is a beautiful document of an actor coming of age—an unencumbered and uninhibited performance...It’s almost like you are watching a documentary unfold." - MovieMaker

"Former Calvin Klein model Mitchell Slaggert makes bid for Indie Greatness in psychedelic Moss...a lush, lyrical look at life in Southern Gothic America and the people who are tied to it forever." - IndieWire, The Playlist



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