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(G) FiGa Films - 85 min

SHOWTIMES 05/25/2024 (change date):

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Sleepless all night, Kobra remembers his life, from the poor childhood in the outskirts of São Paulo to the international recognition of his work. The events unfold between reality and dream. In an intimate journey, we get to know a rebellious, self-taught youngster doing graffiti illegally on the streets of São Paulo's suburbs, up to worldwide fame as a muralist and peace activist.


Join us for a special Brazilian culture celebration as the NY Brazilian Film Series debuts with a variety of cultural expressions: film, literature, arts, talk and live music. 




*6:30pm Live Talk w. Special guests

*7pm Reception 

*7:15pm Graffiti Art Demonstration

*7:30pm Live Music BATALÁ 




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Amaro Lirios
5 out of 5 stars


April 13, 2024
Winner of the Best Documentary Statue at last year's Cinema Brazil Grand Prize, the South American awards equivalent to the Oscars, director Lina Chamie's deeply sensitive, honest and immersive exploration on the artistic world is as unique and vibrant as the artist the film portraits. While the film captures an intense sense of honesty personified in graffiti and large murals artist Eduardo Kobra's moving testimonies and personal stories, it also leaves an impressive mark with its techniques attributes. It is impossible to resist the superb work in the cinematography, always moving and speeding away, tenderly capturing its subject and muse, turning darkness into light and contemplating both nature, daily co-existence, landscape and art with incredible aerials; the editing geniously cuts the interviews, the paintings, goes back and forth in time, while venturing through other terrains as it leads the viewer with confidence; and the soundtrack, elegantly blending rhythms and bringing a sense of smooth, upbeat and calm tunes to the story. Chamie conceives an intimate and familiar atmosphere reflected on the self portrait narrated and explained in the artist's very own words. The worldly renowned painter and peace activist Kobra opens up about his feelings towards his art, his existence, the turbulent relationship to his father, how he was rescued by his wife, the life-changing experience of becoming a father, his connections and disbeliefs with the world, as well as perspectives in his generation. A love letter to art, family, forgiveness and the simple things that make life grand, this is a brilliant and compelling work of non-fiction resistance cinema. Bravo!