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Cinema Village

Short Film Program: Biosphere Hearings (16TH ANNUAL SCIENCE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL)

73 min

SHOWTIMES 12/03/2023 (change date):

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Testimonials and negotiations from a motley bestiary of our neighbors in the biosphere: young blue jays debate with the wind before flight, fireflies and corals express desperation over human-induced shifts in their environments, bats swarm over Texas. But while biologists transmit signals to help protect the bats they love, a conference is organized to better exploit giant speaking newts. Elsewhere, termites labor on undeterred by any human aims or desires.

Minutes (Matthew Wolkow, 2023, Canada, 5 min)

Strangers in the Dark (Jenni Pystynen & Perttu Inkilä, 2023, Finland, 12 min)

The Newt Congress (Matthias Sahli & Immanuel Esser, 2022, Switzerland, 16 min)

Batsies (Elizabeth Unger, 2023, United States, 14 min)

Silent extinction (Maja Friis, 2023, Denmark, 12 min)

White Ant (Shalini Adnani, 2023, United Kingdom / India, 14 min)

TRT 73



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