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Cinema Village

Short Film Program: Unnatural Landscapes (16TH ANNUAL SCIENCE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL)

53 min


What are the representative landscapes of the Anthropocene? Here, workers labor to reclaim precious metals from vast landfills or cultivate flowers in toxic gardens, while researchers coax verdant life into existence amidst frigid snowfields to test the possibilities of photosynthesis in space. A triptych on our fabricated environment, whether planned or unplanned.

Terra Mater (Kantarama Gahigiri, 2023, Rwanda, 10 min)

A Field that No Longer Smells of Flowers (César Flores Correa, 2023, Mexico, 19 min)

The Antarctic Gardener (Elisa Strinna, 2023, The Netherlands, 24 min)

TRT 53 min



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