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Cinema Village

Short Film Program: We Are Animals (16TH ANNUAL SCIENCE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL)

69 min


Boundaries between the human and animal worlds become fuzzy in this trio of coming-of-age stories. In near-future Indonesia, animal transformation via black magic has been legalized but racial tensions between humans remain. In an all-too-present U.S.A., a middle-schooler at science camp finds uncomfortable metaphors in amphibian biology. And in a glitch-punk dystopian Philippines, a teen forms a life-altering bond with a lab-escapee catfish. Prepare for a wild ride through the emotive, political, and possibly psychoactive possibilities of sci-narrative.

Sawo Matang (Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto, 2023, Indonesia, 21 min)

Sound to Sea (Ryan Craver, 2023, United States, 26 min)

Hito (Stephen Lopez, 2022, Philippines, 22 min)

TRT 69 min



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