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Cinema Village


(NR) Kino Lorber - 81 min
  • DIRECTOR: Abel Ferrara
  • STARRING: Abel Ferrara, Nicolas Nicolaou

SHOWTIMES 02/25/2024 (change date):

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The Projectionist, by Abel Ferrara, the director of controversial cinema, traces the life and livelihood of friend and fellow cinephile Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou, a Cypriot immigrant who moved to America as a young boy and began working as a teenager in a small neighborhood movie theaters around Manhattan, defying gentrification, changing viewing habits and corporate dominance in the 1980’s, only to emerge decades later as one of New York City’s last independent theater owners (he currently operates Manhattan’s Cinema Village, Bay Ridge’s Alpine Cinemas and Forest Hills’ Cinemart). At once a walking tour of New York City’s evolving theatrical landscape, a history of movie-going over the last 50 years, and a moving tribute to friendship, tenacity and movie love, The Projectionist is an indelible tribute and timely paean to what going to the movies is all about.



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