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Cinema Village


CINEMAFlix LLC - 122 min
  • DIRECTOR: L. Burner


Sexual persecution and violence against women throughout history and various cultures are examined; from placing the blame of the existence of evil solely on Eve to modern day victim blaming, to systematic misogyny in music and media. Double standards are challenged. Physical abuse and so-called honor killings in the Middle East are called out. The Rise of Eve is relentless as it tackles cringe-worthy, taboo topics including slut shaming, street harassment and theories on the pathology to aggressive and dismissive attitudes regarding women and their sexual and physical rights. Men and women from all walks of life weigh in on sexism creating a balanced account and the feminism and its proponents and opponents are unpredictable. The Rise of Eve makes astute observations and cogent arguments to transcend the 'shame and blame' culture that has been tumultuously leveled against women, unabated and unchallenged.....until now.

Noteworthy: The Rise of Eve includes original commentary by Aphrodite Jones. Production on ROE took place from 2014 to 2016 ahead of the #metoo movement but the impeccable and prophetic timing has created the perfect platform for The Rise of Eve.



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