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Cinema Village

Short Film Program: Uncanny Bodies (16TH ANNUAL SCIENCE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL)

74 min

SHOWTIMES 12/03/2023 (change date):

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Simulated citizens, cybernetic surgeons, and technologically-confused anatomies: these are the new residents of an increasingly automated, scanned, and digitized world. The films in this program race along the criss-crossing wires of our electronically-ersatz hyperpresent, from an Edenic garden swarming with generative textures, to the a place beneath the spotlights of the modeling world, where a full-body-scanned likeness offers an ambivalent escape from whirlwind shoots and constant travel. Elsewhere, in the near future, medical robotics seize a free moment to break for a game of chess.

Bruit Rose | Pink Noise (Martin Wiklund, Athur Lemaitre & Ulysse Lefort, 2022, France, 2 min)

E6-D7 (Eno Swinnen, 2023, Belgium, 16 min)

Issues with My Other Half (Anna Vasof, 2022, Austria, 6 min)

I Thought I Was Hearing Citizens (Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, 2023, Austria, 6 min)

Uncanny Me (Katharina Pethke, 2022, Germany, 44 min)



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